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Creator, Producer, Director and Editor 

A long-form comedic TV Pilot that highlights the lives of a baker, a burnout and an international student on the brink of breakdown as they collectively break bread and cultural stereotypes over a Boston-based marijuana-bakery.

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Producer, Director, Lead Actor and Editor 

At The Window is thriller comedy short film about a man that offers a woman five thousand dollars to use her window for one hour. the man is dangerous and determined but the woman is anxious, talkative and grieving her breakup. Both of these energies create some amazing moments but what is that one thing that joins them ?

Mussoorie Breeze.jpg

Mussoorie BREEZE

Producer, Director, Lead Actor and Editor 

Mussoorie Breeze is a comedic representation of the lives’ of two brothers wrapped in one day. It touches the serious yet not so spoken about topics like depression and anxiety that are slowly taking over the millennial generation. The film is about a day that the brothers spend together and make each other realise what they are doing wrong and just what they require to lead a happy life.



Producer, Director, Lead Actor and Editor 

Cheesh is a fictionalised take on water conservation. It not only puts forward the message of conserving water but also imbibes the genre of thriller and entertains us through the process.

We're all lost.png


Producer, Director, Lead Actor and Editor 

Extra olives will take you through the feeling of love, sex, sorrow and in the end, denial. The film is about a man that refuses to believe the reality of his wife’s death and continues to live the same night of their first one night stand over and over again. The film deals with the carnage played by our mind and heart when we lose a loved one but not their habit.

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Producer, Director and Lead Actor 

The Whale is a fictional take on the blue whale challenge. It showcases a completely different perspective of the challenge and puts one in thought of who the real victim is.